No charge for exams, x-rays or cleaning once every 6 months  
No deductibles!  
No waiting period to see a dentist!  
No claim forms!  
No annual maximums!  
No limitations on most pre-existing conditions!  
Adult and Children braces Include on Plans  
  About Us
      The operator of this website is a licensed California Insurance Broker (CA License # 0827089), doing business as "Healthy Families Insurance Services", offering California Dental Insurance Plans, health insurance plans and term life insurance coverage. We have been licensed and assisting individuals and families with their insurance needs since 1991. We shop for the best plans and rates for you and your family.

     California Dental Network is a dental managed care organization with over 30,000 members. Our members have a variety of different types of dental plan benefits. Some have traditional indemnity dental insurance, others have group or individual dental managed care plans and other have discounted fee for service plans. If you like PPO plans, we have some co-payment-based plan where the members pays you directly, on a fee-for-service bases, amounts that will rival some of your best PPO Plans.

    California Dental Network offers a variety of comprehensive dental plans at affordable rates for your group and individual clients. We offer employer paid and voluntary prepaid plans as well as PPO/Indemnity plans as stand alone, dual choice or as a management carve-out to meet the needs your clients.

    California Dental Network has assembled a team that knows how to design and service dental benefits plans to ensure the highest level of service for you and your clients.

    We do not require that our participating providers accept all our plans in order to get patients from the plans you like. You are free to accept patients only from the plans that work for you and your practice.

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